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Your financial support transforms youth from underserved communities through education, service learning and cultural exchange into globally competitive leaders of positive change in their lives and communitiies

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At the heart of Global Potential (GP) is our innovative 18-month, three-phase leadership and community service program. GP has developed a holistic model which includes skills development, service learning, community service, college readiness training, and international education.

Annually GP provides 100 competitively selected Fellows per year with personal mentoring, international travel experience, and hands-on skills for driving long-term positive change in their lives and neighborhoods. Our Fellows are selected for participation in our 18-month program during their Junior year of high school. The GP model incorporates hands-on project-based learning into each of the three phases of the program, ensuring that our Fellows are able to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

One-hundred percent of GP Fellows graduate from high school, as compared to the 46%-55% graduation rate of their peers. Nearly 86% of GP Alumni are accepted to and enter college. Because our program is focused on building skills and success by providing service to others, our Fellows have provided community service to more than 65,000 people. GP youth have created 20 independent social enterprise ventures funded at $1,000 each; produced 20 documentary films, three of which have won international awards and have been broadcast in 12 countries; and completed dozens of internships and community service projects.