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GLOBAL POTENTIAL MERGES WITH JUMP! FOUNDATION (Two Progressive Organizations Join Forces and Maximize Resources)

United by a common purpose of positive transformation of the lives of youth, and in their communities, JUMP! Foundation and Global Potential are pleased to announce their merger and the formation of the JUMP! Impact Fund

Starting in 2009, Global Potential and JUMP! partnered to organize 35 Youth-led GP/JUMP! Leadership Conferences for 4500 youth in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the USA. Informed by the collaboration with Global Potential and reassured by the powerful experiences of youth from 100 communities in 5 countries, the JUMP! Foundation built JUMP! Development, going on to scale the leadership conference model with an additional 30,000+ youth in 30 countries. After extensive discussions with participants, community members, partner organizations, advisory support from a Youth INC and Morgan Stanley project, both Boards of Directors and management teams came to a shared vision to expand its global footprint with the JUMP! Foundation...

"Global Potential is an organization whose DNA is youth. It has been designed and developed to be driven by their needs. We are honored to be uniting with an organization that has achieved a reputation for impact programming. Global Potential's program quality is reflected in the high regard and respect that the communities they serve hold for their international youth conferences." said Justin Bedard, Executive Director of JUMP! Foundation.

This merger unites 19 years of institutional experience in youth development, experiential education, and international travel, with combined project locations in New York City, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Nepal, and Kenya. With social impact mission alignment, the programmatic elements are primed to integrate smoothly.

"Global Potential has directly impacted 5,000 young lives in our ten years of existence. We are excited about this new phase in our evolution as we adjust to changing contexts and conditions that is necessary for real impactful sustainable social change, and leadership development," said Peter Maugeri, former CEO & Co-Founder of Global Potential.